Note: Image-Live installs only from the web.

You should not try to download Image-Live and run it locally.

To Install Image-Live

After clicking the appropriate link you should see a dialog box from your browser similar to this:

After which you should get this kind of dialog box:

Your installation should complete after this...

Once the program is installed, you will need to activate.
After a few seconds you should see the following dialog:

Please enter the appropriate information in the fields provided and press "Activate".

Use the "Clear" button to clear all the fields if you want to start again.

Use the "Exit" button if you do not want to activate this computer at this time.

After pressing "Activate" you should see the following dialog box:

Choose the setup type - for more information goto Setup.

Note: Image-Live will not operate until it has been activated.

If you choose not to activate Image-Live at this time, you will not be protected!

Check the icon in the taskbar to see your activation status.

If you see this icon:

Your program has NOT been activated!

Right click on the taskbar icon to select "Activate" from the menu.

Go To "Installation".

Image-Live Help

Use the links on the right to get in-depth information about how to use Image-Live.
For more info and tips, try the Support Page

Try Image-Live

Try Image-Live for a month - free!


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