Image-Live is uninstalled just like any other Windows program.

First, stop any Image-Live programs that are running.

Right or left-click on the Image-Live icon in the taskbar.

This will bring up a menu:

Click on "Exit" to shut down Image-Live.

If you have the Configuration program open, then close that also.  

Baxx! is now inoperative.

Go to Control Panel and run Install/Uninstall Programs.

(If you can't find that icon, try changing your Control Panel view to "Classic View".)

Find the Baxx! entry and uninstall it.

If you have no further use for your files that are backed up on the Baxx! servers,

then you may go ahead and delete the "Baxx Online Backup" folder in the "Program Files" Folder.

(Usually C:/Program Files/Baxx Online Backup).


Deleting the "Baxx Online Backup" folder will make your files inaccessible.

Do NOT delete this folder unless you no longer require any files from Baxx!

Re-Installing Baxx!

Image-Live Help

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